Wedding Photography, Capturing Those Amazing Wedding Dance Moves

A wedding photojournalist can capture some amazing dancing moves during wedding photography.

The dancing pictures in your wedding album can light up your face and gladden your heart years later

A wedding is a time to celebrate where most people shed their inhibitions and attack the dance floor. Photographers can get their best shots during wedding dances because most unexpected things happen on the floor. This is one occasion during the wedding where people let go of themselves and enjoy it to the fullest. Capturing moments of pure happiness on the camera can turn out to be very heart-warming. Years later when you see these moments in your wedding album it might gladden your heart tremendously.

Wedding Photography

Lots of preparation is needed for the wedding dances to go perfectly well. The first dance is of utmost importance and your wedding photographer needs to capture it on his/her camera in the most intricate manner. Apart from hiring some outstanding band and music you need to make sure to get some excellent lighting arrangements for the dance floor. With perfect lighting, not only the newly wedded couple and their guests will look glowing but it will get some outstanding shots.

Wedding photography can take a new twist while capturing dance moves of the newly weds

Capturing the romance brewing between the bride and the groom in soft low lights on their first wedding dance is not only difficult but extremely unpredictable. These shots are dicey because there is a lot of motion involved during a dance and the photojournalist needs to be on his/her toes along with the camera. This is one occasion in which the bride, groom, mother, father, granny, flower girl or anyone, as a matter of fact, can participate and have a ball of time. These special moments need to be captured by your wedding photojournalist to make your photo album look more lively and vivacious.

Your wedding photojournalist can be exceedingly creative while clicking the dancing shots of the bride groom and the guests. The more innovative he/she is, the more sprightlier your photographs might look. When you look at your wedding album years later, you should not only feel the love, but also the happiness flowing through each and every photograph. It is essential to let your photographer know which dancing moments with which guests holds prominence. Accordingly, your photojournalist should wait for the right moments to shoot the right shots needed.

Wedding photography can prove to you, the fun and enjoyment each and every one has during the wedding celebration.

Winter Photography – Embracing the Cold

Grey skies. Shorter days. Bare trees. Not to mention the stifling coldness that makes it almost impossible to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. While winter may not seem like the best time for whipping out the camera and taking photos, you might be surprised at the range of picturesque and unique backdrops the winter season can offer. With the following tips, you can make winter photography a breeze!

Winter Photography

Get protected – Especially with A DSLR, camera lenses are prone to fogging due to the cold. It sounds strange, but to avoid fogging of the lenses, try placing your camera in an air-tight, zip lock bag when not in use and clean the lenses carefully with a microfiber cloth. Fogged up lenses, under extreme circumstances, can lead to mould growth and in some cases, render the lenses completely unusable. Definitely not something you want happening to the lens you just forked out a few hundred dollars for!

Batteries get cold, too – If you’ve ever taken your camera into the extreme cold, you may have noticed that the batteries seem to drain faster. To avoid the batteries going cold or freezing up, try rubbing them in between your hands. Also, you can keep extra batteries in your pocket (as the body heat keeps the batteries warm), just in case.

Memory card – You may also want to consider investing in a heavy duty memory card specifically designed to operate under extreme weather conditions. One such example of a temperature-proof card is the SanDisc Extreme. That way you won’t have to worry about losing all the great photos you just took if your memory card malfunctions due to the temperature.

Rug up – Lastly, don’t forget to layer up yourself. Not only does this keep you protected from the elements, but it will also lead to better photos! Once warm and comfortable, you will find that you will spend more time setting up shots and avoiding rookie mistakes (which tends to occur when you haphazardly take photos so you can rush back to the warmth of your car). If you must wear gloves or mittens keep your fingers warm, make sure you invest in a pair of tight-fitting, non-slip gloves to avoid dropping your camera because your gloves are too slippery. Alternatively, grab a pair of those mittens that have a section which flips down to expose your fingers. That way, you’ve got full use of your hands to adjust your settings, zoom and focus.

Curtis Jones is a design and photography student who loves travelling, eating and scuba diving with the one hand, and taking photos with his DSLR in the other

Top Five Great Ideas for Professional Photographs

If you have never had professional portraiture done, you may be surprised at how fun it can be – and how fantastic it can look. There are a variety of different ways that you can express a certain emotion, show off your loved ones or announce a big event.

Here are five wonderful ideas that you can use to get your creativity flowing when it comes to a productive snapshot session.

Professional Photographs

1) Pet Portraits

Many people have at least one pet that they adore. Pets bring us so much joy throughout their lives, so it makes sense that we would want to immortalize and honor them through some skilled portraiture.

You can have images of your furry, feathery or scaly friend done at any point in his or her life. Portraits of newborn puppies or stately older cats can be equally charming and meaningful. Bring props like flowers, toys and/or treats to create a whimsical atmosphere.

2) Expecting Mother

Pregnancy is a fleeting time in the life of a mother-to-be. It can also be a time when she is looking her loveliest; health and joy radiate from an expectant mother in an otherworldly manner.

As such, it can be nice to commemorate this time with a series of beautiful, tender photos.

3) New Baby

While a pregnancy session can be much easier logistically than one with a brand new child, this is another important time that you don’t want to pass by without lots of photographs.

Your child is only an infant once, and it’s certain that many of your loved ones are clamoring to see the adorable little one. Make it easy for everyone to get an eyeful by sending out cards that feature your baby.

Black and white or sepia tones can add a timeless elegance.

4) Children’s Hobbies

As children grow, they start going to school and developing their own very distinct personalities. In order to keep family members abreast of their development, it can be fun to send out pictures of your child that showcase a hobby he or she now has.

You can have your kids wear their sports uniforms or dance attire, pose with musical instruments or art supplies. Any theme that demonstrates a new hobby can be a great choice.

5) Holiday Themes

Holiday portraits can be a nice idea because they can serve as gifts, greetings or milestone updates. You can have images snapped each year at the same time, or in different seasons.

Holiday depictions can include any of the aforementioned subjects, or they can showcase a new couple or other combinations of loved ones.

Are you interested in getting some of your own photos taken? Go online to find out more about Picture People and similar companies that offer professional results.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs are something to treasure for a lifetime. They are a lasting reminder of an important and happy new beginning, and can be passed down for generations. Deciding on a wedding photographer is a vital part of the decision making process involved in wedding preparation. There are many options available, so it is important to thoughtfully consider your photography priorities.

Wedding Photographer


What type of budget do you have for our wedding, and how much of it has been delineated for photography? If you have a small budget for photography, it is perfectly acceptable to request that a friend or family member take your wedding photos. You can give this person a small amount of money, a gift card of appreciation, or maybe they will even gift their services to you as a wedding gift. By choosing this option, you can also save money by printing your own pictures via a store or online service and then putting them in an album yourself.


Regardless of whether you choose a professional or an amateur photographer, it is important to view his or her prior photography work. Different photographers have different styles, and some are drawn to more formal or more casual types of photography shots. Make sure that the images this person has shot in the past are the types of photos that you would like to have as a reminder of your big day.


What poses are important to you, and what type of time frame will be involved in capturing them? Is it important to you to have pictures of the getting ready process, or of putting on the dress? Do you prefer to have pictures of the wedding party taken prior to the wedding? Professional photographers sometimes have time caps and may charge extra fees for additional hours requested. Family members or friends may or may not be available or willing to spend the entire day recording pictures. Be sure that you have a realistic estimate of how long you would like your photographer to be available to you on the wedding day.

Equipment and Angles

Ask how much equipment your chosen photographer will need to bring, and whether they plan to remain stationary or will be mobile during your event. Whether they will be stationary or mobile, it is important to let them know the direction of traffic for the ceremony and reception so that everyone will be aware of where any tripods or equipment might be in the path of traffic. Also let them know if you prefer that they remain hidden, or off to the side during certain aspects of the ceremony, such as prayers or when the minister is speaking.

Black and White or Colour

Do you prefer your photographs to be in black and white, or in colour? Be sure to discuss this preference with your photographer ahead of time. Some photographers can even print photos that combine black and white photographs with colour accents.

Francine is one of the leading Wedding Planner’s from Sydney, Australia. She says that finding the right photographer is important because everyone wants their special day to be memorable. Francine has strong connections with many photographers and some of the best wedding venues Sydney has to offer.

Significance Of Social Media Advertising For Business Persons

Nowadays, the use of social media has increased due to its large benefits and features for different types of businesses and other organizations. This is due to the reason that social media marketing has changed the working criteria of the World Wide Web. What utilized to be a read only platform serves as a platform for immediate communication. In these days, the business owners immediately understood the prospective power that social networking websites held in the marketing area and controlled that power to that extent they could.

There are numerous social media sites available in the industry that was updated to create it simpler and easier for business persons for marketing their services or products. For an instance, Facebook nowadays permits business owners to create business pages for helping them in reaching their target customers. In recent times, having a reliable and efficient social media advertising campaign for your company or business is completely important. There are so many reasons behind the popularity of social media sites, have a look at some of the reasons mentioned below:

Social Media Advertising

Personal interaction

Social networking sites allow business owners to do personal interaction in an easy and secure manner.  Communicative advertising is too much essential in creating long term relationships with your customers or clients included in your business. Social media sites have linked the gap between customers and business owners. Conventional methods of marketing not at all permitted for a 2 way communication, but nowadays, social media are allowing.

Generating leads

It is no surprising fact that social media advertising is an ideal and an immense method for generating leads in the businesses all over the world. This can be accomplished by starting an incentive for prospective customers, or by anything as easy as only showing or discussing the services or products you are offering to your clients. With more than one billion Facebook consumers all around the world, there is a huge audience or viewers available to see your shares, likes or posts and still, if you grab the attention of a small fraction of these consumers, it can pay a large number of dividends.

Interactive marketing

As a creative advertising tool, advertisers can attach a page of their Facebook account to their YouTube account, Twitter account, or any other personal blog. Of course, these links assist them in creating effective and interacting advertising campaigns for their businesses. In simple words, you can say that the promotion of your business, services or products does not conclude with a simple video or blog post. Clients or customers can follow a wide range of links to other parts of the campaign to obtain the complete picture of the promotion approach.

Social media advertising is a precious asset of any advertising campaign; hence, if you are not getting benefit of social media previously, you can hire the services of social media marketing from a reputed and professional service provider. When selecting a company, it is important to understand all the important aspects associated with social media marketing strategy. You also have to know all the terms and conditions of a social media company prior to hiring it.

Successful Tweeting: Be Loud and Proud

We all know it, social media rocks. It’s no longer that platform for needy teenagers either; it’s an essential tool for businesses. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that any establishment that has not devised a social presence is lagging behind their competitors substantially.

Another trick that many businesses miss is that they simply set up their social account, only to think that the work is over. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and while the creation of an account is obviously a step in the right direction, far more needs to be done for you to beat your rivals.

To reinforce the point we’re trying to make, we’re going to turn to a case study in the form of the Policy Bee social guide. This is a company which didn’t have a gigantic Twitter base by any stretch of the imagination, but through some strategic decisions they were able to increase it significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the steps they followed.


Combined website and Twitter

The first step Policy Bee took involved barely any work at all. By simply linking their existing website with their Twitter account, they gave any visitors the prime chance to tweet and share content to the whole of the network. It’s something any website owner can do and this is one task which will take just minutes of your time.

Acknowledge any retweets

In the art of Twitter etiquette, failing to acknowledge any retweets is a big no-no. Anyone who understands the network knows that retweets are the bread and butter of successful social brands and even if you simply offer a quick thank you message, it will do wonders for your connections. If you can respond in somewhat wider terms than it’s even better; but the main thing, and this is again what Policy Bee found, is to just acknowledge others that have acknowledged you. If nothing else, it will encourage future interaction.

Tap into keyword streams

In another bid to encourage interaction, Policy Bee also took advantage of keyword streams that can be utilised via certain software packages. In short, these send out an alert whenever a particular phrase is mentioned, giving the brand the opportunity to respond in lightning-fast times.

It goes without saying that if your company is the first to respond about a user’s query about a certain topic, the chances of them jumping on your account and becoming a follower increase tremendously.

Harass those new followers

Once you have amassed all your new followers, it’s time to harass them. Well, not quite, but you should be finding out everything you can about them in a bid to reach out at any opportunity. If they seem like an individual who is in tune with your business, naturally, the next step is to follow them. Then, touch base with them just to let them know you’re around. The beauty about Twitter is that it gives even the most corporate entities out there a chance to show a ‘softer’ side with their customers, and this can simply derive in the form of saying ‘Thanks for following us’.

In summary, the message is quite simple – don’t rest on your laurels. Reach out, retweet and just make an effort. It’s the only way that your company’s Twitter explosion will occur – just ask Policy Bee.

Optimize Your Websites With The Latest SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization for a website is something like polishing for furniture. Search Engine Optimization is very important for a website to survive in the market. Internet is a virtual market where all the websites are like shops, some dealing in goods, some dealing in services and some dealing in information. How to compete in the world where there are thousand million already in market and how to stand out amongst the other competitors. When you optimize your website, you stand a chance.

SEO Techniques

When you ask your website to be optimized by the company, many aspects are looked into. Like the very basics, what is your website about, what kind of clientele are you looking into. Looking into it then the SEO team selects a suitable keyword for your website that will help you get visitors on your website. Once, the keywords are selected that define your website then the keywords are placed accordingly in your website, so that they can be tracked by the robots of the search engine.

The placement of the keywords makes a big difference for your website ranking. The ranking of website means; where your website shows when a search is made on a search engine. For example, you deal in cosmetics, when a search is carried do you show in the search pages or not and if you do where, which page are you on. It makes a huge difference, as a common survey tell that a normal person when searches for a particular keyword, does not go beyond third search page results. So, when you get your website optimized, select keywords that help you rank in a good position.

Another thing that should always be kept in mind are the practices that are being used by the companies. There are good practices that are called the white hat techniques and the black hat techniques. White hat techniques are those, which are performed following the set by the search engines. When these methods are followed, the results are sure and long lasting. When black hat techniques are followed then the results will surely not be everlasting and the results can be worse, such methods can get your website blocked forever. So never rush for a quick pie, rather wait and let the cake bake! Wait always gets you a sweeter treat.

The SEO India follows the white hat practice and gives its clients the most deserving results that they have been waiting for long. You may during your research find many companies that will promise you results in a short span of time and something like you will be on the first page. Do not believe them, do not go for such companies because all such promises are faux and will lead you nowhere. For a moment, they will show results with the help of black hat techniques but later, those results will vanish.

So, when you think of coming up with a website, follow these steps. Think what you are dealing in, who are your competitors, what region you want to target, what keywords you want to use and last but not the least, find a good company and pay them to get a good job done.

7 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow

Both personal and professional communication etiquette is indispensable. Moreover, although the purposes to communicate may vary, it is important to understand what we exactly want to communicate. The use of every language has its own rules according to the medium used. It is important to remember that writing things are not same as talking things. We need to abide by some rules in the professional environment while writing an email, a memo or a letter of employment, or while replying any email alert among which the email etiquettes keep the most important place.

mail contact

Why do you need email etiquette rules?

Every corporate firm must implement the email etiquette rules for the following reasons:

Professionalism: If you use a proper email language, your company will certainly convey a professional image.

Efficiency: To-the point emails are always effective than other poorly worded emails.

Protection from liability: The awareness of your employees towards email risks can protect the company from costly lawsuits.

In the professional world, it is very important to take the rules of email etiquettes very seriously. Therefore, here I present 7 essential rules of etiquette to write a professional email.

1.       Be specific

Emails offer a big advantage of being an immediate means of communication. While framing an email be specific and write a headline, which briefly summarizes the content of the email. For example, “Change meeting date”, “Claim order”, “Invoices to pay”, among others.

2.       A proper greeting

This measures the level of respect for the person you are writing to. You can choose the type of greeting according to type of message you wish to send. Always start your message with a simple greeting. This always leaves a good impression on the recipient, particularly if it is business related.

3.       Start with the title

Remember that email has its basic parts, which include title, salutation, body and signature. All parts are important, but what comes first is the name of the recipient and the title. Use the fewest possible words summarizing the content of the email.

4.       Do not forward unnecessarily or attach unimportant files

Forwarding an email to one or more recipients is required only when it is important or requested to do so. Other concern is sending large attachments; this may annoy customers and even create a spam in their e-mail system. If important, try compressing the attachments and use a good virus scanner so that the recipients do not have to see the files full of viruses!

5.       Respect copyrights

As far as possible, always seek to believe what is not yours. It is socially accepted that email is a personal communication system, and it is well known that any information sent by email is 100% private. A personal delivery can be converted to a string and there are severe penalties for distributing original material without proper copyrights.

6.       Use punctuation and spelling rules

Do it with the necessary attention to the language in which you write. It is a symbol of respect for the person who receives your professional emails as well as vibes. Just in case that for technical reasons, you could not use the accent, do mention in the mail with a caption: “This email has been written without accents on purpose.”

7.       The official signing

If you use a corporate email, it is important that you check the user manual of the company. It is important that such firms use corporate statement, where they must specify the security issues or levels of responsibility of the messages sent. Just as companies often specify, the identity manual should be followed when writing an email from your work account.

SEO Tips For The Website Designers That You Need To Pay Heed To

Most web designers these days do more than just designing the feel and look of the website. In fact, they usually play a major part in writing and designing the front-end code. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the biggest thing that the designer needs to understand as it falls among his core responsibilities to design a website in such a manner that it maintains the SEO perspective of the website.

While SEO is an important part of web designing, there are many web designers who aren’t aware of what SEO means. In order to make a website fully optimized, here are some SEO tips that you should take into account.


  1. The code should be prettier than the design: While you build the front end of your website, you should ensure using a semantic code. When you use descriptive tags to create your pages, the search engines will be able to read and get a better comprehension of the content. The process of styling your website will become clearer and easier. So, pay more attention to the code.
  2. Use your keywords cleverly: Keywords are some of those most important words that describe your content. It is vital for you to place all the keywords in a strategic manner throughout the entire page of the website. Some places where you can insert the keywords are the URL, the title tag and the main heading tags. Although the keywords should also be placed in the middle of the content, in the body of the content, you need not place them too often as this might cause keyword stuffing.
  3. The titles of the page should be unique: Being a web designer, you should be aware of the fact that each page should have a title attribute and each of them should be unique. In case you use the same title for different pages, the search engines will assume that all the pages on your website are on the same subject.
  4. Pay heed to the images: The search engines usually pay a huge attention to the links and therefore when you use linking to some relevant content, you should be sure that it describes the content. For instance, if you wished to tell your readers through a link where they could learn about Photoshop, “read more on Photoshop” would be a better option that just “read more”.
  5. Don’t use Flash: Although you might feel tempted to whip out some attractive drop down effects for the navigation of the website, yet you should not use it. Usually, search engines have trouble reading Flash and this means that the links in the navigation can’t be followed when you use Flash.

Therefore, when you’re someone who doesn’t want to lose the traffic due to website designing mistakes, you may follow the above mentioned tips. If you’re not much aware of the different designing strategies, hire a professional web designer for your website.

Top marketing techniques used by leading website design companies London

You can have the most stunning and impressive website in the world, but what is the point if nobody sees it? Having a great site does not merely translate to what you see in front of you. There are many components that come together in order to create the full picture. One of the main areas of consideration is undoubtedly marketing. You need to market your website effectively if you are going to drive traffic to your website and benefit from ROI (return on investment). Thus, keeping that in mind, read on to discover the top marketing methods used by leading website design companies London based today…

website design companies

Email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods used at present. The reason why it works so well is because it presents you with a way of informing and engaging loyal customers. You will be able to provide them with information on your company’s latest news and any fresh services you have added to your range. Moreover, you can entice them to purchase off your website with great offers. “20% off” in the subject line is always a way to get people interested. Nonetheless, email marketing can also be used to attract new customers as well. In order for this form of marketing to be effective it needs to grab attention instantly – like the headline just mentioned. The email must be formatted so that it is easily readable on all platforms and call to actions must be evident as well.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is something we are hearing more and more about in the current day and age. This is the use of various different tactics in order to organically move a website higher up the search engine result pages. After all, if you are not high up on Google pages and alike you may as well not exist. Research shows that users rarely go past the first page. Thus, SEO is imperative. It revolves around the strategic implementation of keywords as well as a successful link building procedure. Tools such as Google Analytics will be used in order to monitor how your campaign is performing.

Content marketing

Last on the list is content marketing. This is something that is closely linked with SEO because it incorporates the tactics ofSEO within it. Nevertheless, it is something that is worthy of a mention on its own because the face of content marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. Previously the actual content itself would not matter. Poor quality, unoriginal content and even duplicate articles were found all over the internet. Their effectiveness merely depended on stuffing in as many keywords as possible. This is definitely no longer the case. Google has updated their search algorithm in order to sniff out these websites and rank them lower. Thus, nowadays the natural use of keywords is promoted. Furthermore, content must be unique, creative and engaging. It must serve a purpose. It is designed in order to empower the knowledge of the customer so that they make better purchasing decisions with the aim of buying from you.